An espresso story

Espresso coffee is an enjoyable coffee drink with the richest flavor. It can be consumed plain or used as a base for many delicious proposals like characteristically Cappuccino. It has anti-oxidotic action, stimulates and strengthens the spirit, while being a strong means of socialization through the Cafes around the globe since the early 20th century!
Espresso coffee is “warm water passing under pressure through finely ground and well roasted coffee”. The idea of ​​using steam for the boost of water in coffee was of the Frenchman Louis Rabaut, in early 1820.
In Italy, at the turn of the century, some changes were made so that several individual cups -rather than one large jug cafe with pressurized steam- can be prepared with such speed, that logically the name arose: “Espresso”.


Kenya AA Coffee History


Kenya AA coffee, which is grown at elevations of 4,900 to 6,800 feet, is nearing the top of the list of the world’s finest Arabica bean coffees. When it comes to coffee production, Kenya has a reputation for absolute excellence, especially because it lies near the region where coffee beans originated.

These gourmet coffee beans are grown on volcanic soils. Our Kenya AA coffee delivers a full body of flavor with a heavy acidity. It also displays a gentle floral aroma as well as berry and citrus notes.
Pairing: Blueberries, caramel and butter croissant.

Costa Rica Coffee History


Costa Rica coffee beans are strictly hard bean, meaning they are grown at elevations of 3,900ft or more. The high altitude slows the growth of the coffee trees, causing the cherries to mature much slower; the result is dense coffee cherries containing beans packed with rich flavor. This gourmet coffee is one of the finest coffees that Costa Rica has to offer.

Our Costa Rica coffee delivers a medium-bodied brew with perfectly balanced flavor and an enticing aromatic essence.
Pairing: peaches or plums, walnut coffee cake, Eggs.


Brazil Santos Coffee History


Brazil is one of the highest coffee producing countries in the world. Despite the large amount of coffee that is produced in Brazil, more than 70% of the coffee farms in Brazil are less than 10 acres. Smaller farms have unique processing practices, and each farm adds its own special touch to the coffee beans; however, all farms conform to the same coffee standards to ensure high quality product.

Our Brazil Santos Coffee delivers a slight fruity flavor to the coffee, resulting in a heavy, sweet, and complex brew.
Pairing: peach, apricot and berry notes.

Guatemala Coffee History


The country has around 300 different micro-climates, due to its extraordinary location: in between the Gulf of Honduras, the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre. This mountain range stretches from Mexico into Guatemala, splitting itself into two ranges. These ranges – not to mention the other 9 ranges, spacious plains, rivers and no less than 34 volcanoes – provide the circumstances in which an enormous diversity in coffees have developed. It is almost as if this country was set up as a heavenly playground especially for specialty coffee lovers.

Our Guatemala coffee delivers more acidity (freshness) and body.
Pairing: Brownies and chocolate cakes.

El Salvador Coffee History


El Salvador’s coffee-infrastructure is well developed. In this relatively small country, plantations and processing plants (mills) are located in close proximity to each other. Coffee berries can therefore be processed shortly after having been picked, which definitely enhances quality.
Coffee is deeply rooted in the culture of this place; families have been working on their plantations for generations. Traditional techniques – resulting in characteristic flavors – are carefully kept secrets.

Our El Salvador coffee delivers mild body, mild acidity and strong sweetness.
Pairing: Cinnamon Buns, caramel and chocolate notes


Colombia Coffee History


Colombia is the world’s the third coffee-producing country, after Brazil and Vietnam. This fact is of little significance, however, when focusing on quality coffee. Colombia has now earned itself a good reputation in the field of single origin coffees.

Our Colombian coffee delivers a sweet, nut-like character and full body.
Pairing: Vanilla-bean-iced chocolate cupcakes

Peru Coffee History


This Peruvian coffee is grown on the edge of the Amazon jungle and the Andes Mountains in Peru. For generations, coffee in this region has been tended to by local farmers who take pride in their coffee plantations, and they take all the necessary steps to ensure the quality and integrity of their coffee. Each plantation nurtures coffee trees that are cultivated without the use of manmade chemicals, and each batch of coffee beans is hand-selected and processed following strict organic practices.
Our Peru coffee delivers mild acidity with a light body. Peru Coffee, has an incredible flavor profile and aroma with a sweet and nutty finish.
Pairing: Crepes, Chocolate cake.




Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee History


Sidamo coffees are grown in the Province of Sidamo in the Ethiopian highlands at elevations from 4,600 to 7,200 feet above sea level. It is very likely that in and around this region is where coffee had its origins.

Our Sidamo coffee delivers a rich full body, low acidity, floral aroma and a finish that is bright and soft.
Pairing: Tart chocolate-covered cherries, notes of chocolate.

Ethiopian Djimmah Coffee History


Djimma Coffee is grown in the Illubabor and Kaffa regions of Ethiopia at elevations from 4,400 to 6,000 feet above sea level within the biggest catchment area in Ethiopia, an area that produces and exports about 60,000 tons of coffee each year. Djimmah is also called Jimma Coffee.

Our Ethiopian Djimmah delivers a light, winey, gamey mouthfeel which makes you dream far away.
Pairing: Pancakes with Maple Syrup.




100% Arabica 9 specials high altitude Arabica blend roasted in special profile.
Balance flavor, No acidity, Full spice.

Mamma Maria


Selected high altitude arabica blended with 3 African Robusta variety
Balance flavor Full body medium acidity.



Congo Arabica blended with special Robusta.
Full body, Full spice, Medium acidity.



Selected medium  altitude Arabica blended with excellent Robusta.
Full body, Low acidity.


Special brasileiro Santos blended with best Robusta.
Soft Body, Full spice, Balance flavor.


Mountain Water Process.